Why Reliable Energy Rates Are So Important in Todays Society

For years people in the United States have been taught coal was the best direction to go if they want reliant energy rates to stay the same and/or be affordable. We’ve been brain washed by our grandmothers and grandfathers to believe there’s just no other way because anything else would be too costly.

News flash people! It’s 2016. We can do away with these means of energy and open up a whole new way of thinking. We can drastically cut the cost of energy while also creating a better living environment for everyone involved.

Sure, people are going to gripe and fuss for a while because they just don’t want to try to see or hear the logic behind it.

We can survive on solar panels, hydro electric and wind mills. Get rid of fossil fuels and coal mining. They do nothing for the environment and even the people fighting to keep it alive are dying from black lung or worse, cancer. Doesn’t make sense does it?

If we work together to makes clean energy a way of living we can also work together to make it affordable as well. Let’s be real, who wants to pay for energy we think we should get for free, right? I’m there with you. Seems unfair to have to pay for something we get from the sun, wind and water but we have to remember these things take time. The more we push to have them the less the energy rates will rise. In the long run we’ll be paying less for something a whole lot more reliable.

Let’s face it. There is only so much coal, oil and fossil fuels let on our planet. That will only sky rockets the rates we’re paying now, which we’ve already begone to see happen in recent years