Best Security Companies in Maine

I just moved to Maine, and I have purchased a house in the state. My family is just about ready to move into the house, but one of the things that I want to try to do last minute, before they actually move in, is to get a security system installed. I want to get a very good security system, so that I will be able to feel safer int he new house. I am looking into maine adt security systems right now, and I am interested to know what the differences between the various systems that they offer are.

I would like to get it installed before my family moves in, but I suppose that is not really necessary. The location where we are going to be living has a pretty low crime rate, but a security system is just a type of thing that lets you sleep a little easier at night. I know that I definitely appreciated having one at my last house, but it was a rather old security system, and I think that I would like to be able to get something a little bit nicer this system around.

For example, my old security system did not have a video camera or anything like that. A video camera is something that I definitely want to have on the new security system. One reason, is that you can view the video camera feed when you are on vacation, or something like that. That way, I would not need to find a house sitter, in order to feel confident that my home is safe, while I am on vacation. That would definitely be a bonus, because I have always been afraid to go on vacation without first finding a house sitter to watch the house in the past.