Chinese Food Where You Might Go

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Chinese food and I have been for as long as I could remember; never mind the fact that I have a difficult time telling the difference between Japanese and Chinese food at times – it is obvious, I know, but the similarities are there and they can be confusing. We were visiting Singapore during a business trip and I decided to check out a singapore chinese restaurant while we were there. All I can say is ‘whoa’. It was like going to a completely different restaurant than I had grown up on and the food was so much better than I had ever had before. It was incredibly good! It was like going to a restaurant that claims to make food your mother makes but then actually going to your mom’s house for her cooking. The difference was telling and I found it a fascinating trait; the ‘Chinese’ food that we have here in the States is nothing like the Chinese food that we had there.