Choosing from All the New Launch EC Projects Being Built in Singapore

It seems like every week there is a new launch ec going up. It is making it tough on my wife and I. We have been reading the brochures, and looking at the floor plans being offered for the different EC, or Executive Condominium, launches going up all over Singapore. We are intrigued and enthralled by the artist’s conceptual drawings of the new launches. All of these new building plans are just incredibly amazing with one trying to outdo the other.

That leaves us in a mess for the decision making progress of which building to apply to move into. There is just so much for the new residents with each of these buildings. We like the idea of moving into a mixed-use building so that we will have shops and restaurants in the same structure where we live. We also like the community feel of all residential EC units. The landscaping and amenities are absolutely mind-boggling for each new condo project being built in Singapore.