Despite Downturn, Graduate Jobs Continue to Grow

We’ve all heard about the economic downturn, right? If you’re a recently graduated or soon-to-graduate college senior, it’s probably all you’ve heard about the entire time you’ve been in college. Yet the news for recent grads is only getting better all the time. You see, one of the effects of the economic downturn was to take a great deal of low-wage, low-skill jobs out of the economy. While this was unfortunate for folks who did not have college degrees under their belt, it made room for many more graduate jobs once the economy began to rebound! Let’s go over some of the best (and easiest to get into) graduate jobs markets.

Medicine & Science

These are some of the most highly-qualified graduate jobs available. And while earning a full doctor’s salary requires far more than just a four-year degree, there are many other jobs in the field of medicine which do not.