Easy Way to Recharge HGS Account

I have this HGS account that I use to pay for train fare and stuff like that, it comes in really handy, because it is a sort of fast pass system where I do not have to go and pay for a train ticket, every time I need to ride one. I often end up taking trips by train more than I would like, because it is not my preferred mode of transportation, but something that I have to do. I am checking into http://hgsyukle.com to look on the site and figure out the easiest way to load more money onto the account, because I am running low and will need more funds available soon.

When I first set up the account, I put quite a bit of money on it, because I knew that I would use it. As such, I have not ran out yet since initially opening the account, and it has lasted quite awhile. But now I am almost out and will need to recharge as soon as possible. Hopefully it is easy to do online, I don’t want to have to try to call someone and make a payment over the phone, or anything like that. Of course, these days, you can pretty much pay for anything over the internet, so I do not think that I will be a problem.

I am gonig to have tio take a trip by train in a couple of days. I am not looking forward to it, because it is going to be a fairly long trip. But I guess I will just have to try to find some good reading material to take with me, and I will pass the time that way. There are a couple of books I have been meaning to read for some time.