How Hard is It to Get Started in Mlm

My wife is a bit bored with her job, which honestly does not require that much effort from her and which does not offer any real potential for advancement. The place she works at is a family business, where basically you have to be family if you want to make it up the ladder in the company. She has started thinking about mlm leads and how hard it would be to do get started with a multi level marketing gig. There are different ones that you can get into rather easily and she has been thinking that perhaps you could do more than one of them at the same time. For instance there are a lot of mlm companies which specialize is cosmetics, notably Mary Kay and Avon. There are some others that are less well known. Herbalife is about nutrition and there is Amway which sells cleaning products mostly, then Tupperware.

All of them require you to sell their products, but we are wondering if any of them offer much of an advantage to do together. Obviously this only makes sense if the products do not compete with one another. For instance Advocare and Herbalife sell very similar product lines from what I can tell. Selling both of them would be a silly idea, but if you were selling Mary Kay products to people they might also be interested in sports nutrition or weight loss products. I never heard of anyone saying anything about this and I do not know if there are any rules against that. Of course it is questionable as to how easy it is to break into this sort of thing. You need customers and no one has so many friends and co workers that they can find enough business to make much out of it.