I Was Really Surprised the Irvine Carpet Cleaning Company Got Our Carpets Clean After the Reunion

After the relatives went home when the family reunion was over, I got on the phone and called an irvine carpet cleaning company right away. We hosted the family event. We were definitely over capacity when it came to sleeping arrangements with relatives sleeping on the floor. Some camped out on the screened in front porch in sleeping bags. The bathrooms were in constant use. Then we had the ones come over for the picnic in the yard that stayed in hotels, motels and with other relatives.

The thing is, we have the biggest house! That is why we got recruited into having the reunion at our house. The carpets were a wreck! I’m not saying anyone was careless on purpose, it is just that there were so many people. And then it had to rain a little. The mud got tracked in, and ground into the carpet. Toddlers were spilling juice. Come to think of it, the adults were spilling things too. I found rigatoni under the recliner in the living room. How do you get rigatoni underneath a recliner?

I am pleased to say that we were glad to see everyone. I am also pleased to say that the Irvine carpet cleaning experts got out all of the dirt. My carpets look better than they did before the reunion, so no harm done. However, even though the carpets look as good as new, we are not hosting next year’s family reunion. It is going to be at a local park with pavilions. We will rent those portable toilets and have tents put up if we have to. We also are not going to have 23 people stay with us during the reunion. It is just too much. I figure five or six is the limit. Once you add them to my husband and three kids, that’s enough for this old house.