Interesting People in the Apartments

I moved into the Albuquerque NM apartments during my first year of graduate school, and I’ve met some pretty interesting people. There’s one weird guy who always walks around with his shirt off, no matter how hot or cold the weather is outside. I’m starting to think he doesn’t have any nerve endings in his skin, because he doesn’t seem to be affected by the temperature. Whenever I see him, he always greets me, but he does it in a weird way. He says some kind of funny joke or quote and then immediately starts laughing. I think he’s been up to something.

Other than the weird guy, the rest of the people are pretty normal in the apartments. There is one girl who lives not too far down from me, and I like interacting with her. Even when she’s having a bad day, she always finds a way to think positively about it. Even when I’m feeling down, she’ll say something that will cheer me up. I like to hang around people like this, because they will always make each day worth living. I think I’ll ask her out to a dinner and a movie when I have less work to do.

I’ve also met some people that have been in my classes in the apartments. One of my classes is a really hard engineering class, and the guys love to get together to discuss the homework that we have to do. We sit around for hours trying to figure out what to do, and when we finally finish, we start playing some games. We should probably be studying more, but we need a little break after all that we have been doing to get the problems done. When we have a major test coming up, we get together and study.