Started on My New Job As a Plumber

Started to work on my new job, although I am not so sure that I like a lot of the things about it. I am an apprentice to this Frome plumbers company. In fact they advertise themselves as emergency plumbers. I suppose I am lucky to have caught on. It was just lucky that my Dad knew they were looking for a helper and that I got there in time to catch on. It was pretty hard for me to figure out some of the things they were talking about at first, because I have not had that much experience doing this sort of thing in the past. In fact I have been working at a fast food place as a short order cook until now. They do not have that much plumbing work at the place where I was at before and of course it is not something that my Dad taught me and not something they teach at school.

Being good at math was important it turned out. My Dad told this guy something about me and he was giving me this quiz about math. I got the grasp of what he wanted eventually. Of course the trick is to do this sort of thing in a way so that you price it out in a way that you make a good profit and the customer thinks that you gave them a good deal. So being good at math is critical to your success if you own the company. I realized eventually that he is looking to teach someone how to estimate the jobs. I figured out eventually that he had a lot of guys who were good at doing the work, but he has to do all of that sort of thing by himself and he wants someone else to learn it.